Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Storm Legacy- An Introduction

Hi, my name is Galaxy Storm. An interesting name, I know. My parents were...strange. I like my name though. My parents though...they were into crime. I want no part of that, so I left. They wanted me to follow in their footsteps and help them out with their crime stuff. I told them I was leaving too, they started to beg me to stay, saying I don't have to get my hands that dirty and can do other things if I want, you know do my writing and painting. They just wanted me around, at this point who knows why. They know I won't rat them out, not that it wouldn't serve them right, but I just wanted out of there, bad memories and no love for the place. Clean slate. Bridgeport, see ya.

So here I am in Midnight Hollow. Just turned 18, with only a backpack full of clothes to my name. Maybe I didn't think this through...oh well, i'll make it..somehow. I wanted to get away from Bridgeport and my parents so bad..ya know what. It'll be worth it, i'll make sure of it. My past be damned. They said I won't make it on my own with nothing to my name, i'll prove them wrong. Maybe spite can get me going.

So anyway, i'm a bookworm. I love to read. The adventures books can take you on, taking you away from reality. The things they can teach, while going on epic adventures. There is nothing like a good book. I also love paintings. Seeing stories in the paintings and just taking in the art and creativity. I want to learn to write and paint myself. Tell my own stories..and hopefully make a living off my passions.

I can also be quite flirty. What? There's nothing wrong with some flirting. When I find someone I like who likes me back, flirting feels nice, a sweet show of affection. Helps keep the spark in a relationship.

I do however get in my grumpy moods. I blame my upbringing. Just leave me be. I also tend to be neurotic at times. Better safe than sorry though! When I catch the stove left on or the facet running, you can thank me. Also, cold. Winter. I love it. The chill in the air, curling up in a blanket with a book and cup of hot cocoa by a fireplace...ahh. Or actually getting outside and partaking in some winter activities. Snowball fight!

My favorites are pankcakes, fluffy delicious pancakes with butter and syrup, dark wave music and the color black. I am an Aquarius. tattoos? Well the butterfly, I like butterflies. And as you can tell I like a dark style somewhat, and have some girly in me too, so I like pink and black. It's a nice combination. Suits me I think. The mermaid...I like mermaids. That's all there is too that. Mermaids are cute. The knife...well, there are some sweet bad-ass chicks in books that wield knives...and ok, maybe i'm a bit on the wild side. I'll leave that to your imagination. It's a cool design..sue me. The dolphin, again, I like dolpins. Animals are nice, and it's a cute design. Do I need more of a reason? I like tattoos so..there ya have it. (pictures of me below)

I am Galaxy Storm...follow me on my journey, trying to make a name and legacy for myself.

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