Thursday, December 1, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 1 Where do I go from here?

Well being on my own right now isn't all it's cracked up to be. Still i'm glad to be away and on my own, but it isn't easy and honestly, i'm not sure how i'm ever going to get anywhere at this rate with so much of my time being taken up by just trying to take care of needs. Ya know, those pesky human needs like food, sleep, bathroom and a shower. Ugh.

Right now all my food comes from the community garden. You can take so much, enough to live off of but not so much that anyone starves. Hopefully enough to save up for when the weather is cold but..doubtful. Good for when it's still warm enough though.

I've chatted up some of the locals. They seem like nice people, that i've met so far. Granted they are kind of on the weird side, but I like this weird. I seem to fit right in!

So far i've used the library to sleep at night, and make some paintings. I need to make money first, and despite the initial crappy quality of my art someone still buys it, though not for much obviously but it's a start and i'll get better with time. It's such slow going though! I hate napping on the library's couch. What if I snore and someone comes in? What if they kick me out...where do I sleep? I keep waking up too. I'm so tired!

I go to the pool to get a shower. I also met a cute guy there, his name is Hyun-Moon Jun. So now i've made a couple friends. I mean not super close friends, yet at least. But people I can chat with, figure out what's going on in this town, have a nice time with. Socializing is a need too after all, and this legacy can't be born with just me. I'm sure it'll all come with time...but only if I work towards it. It will come with time...right?

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