Friday, December 2, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 2 Zombies and writing

Well, this town is stranger than I thought! There is a zombie woman walking around. Yes, a zombie. And no one cares. Not a full-moon zombie but a perma-zombie. Poor lady.

Started doing small paintings, I really don't have a lot of time it seems yet I have all the time in the world. I don't want to leave the library with a partially finished painting. So much of my time just goes to surviving though, and trying to network and make friends. It's all so time consuming. But money doesn't grow on trees. Also...there is a zombie-dude as well.

I was at the pool when some woman named Jane Doe went into labor. I've since seen her walking around town alright so I assume she safely had the baby. A ghost freaked out about someone giving about irony.

I'm honestly surprised i'm making friends so well. I was worried I wouldn't be able to but the people i've met so far have been easy to talk to, and they don't look at me strange for the way I dress or my tattoos.

Seems I can sell small animals and flowers. Sorry little critters and pretty flowers, I need the money! I would like to have my own house one that so much to ask? Also a girl has got to eat and the warm weather doesn't last forever! Eventually the plants in the community garden will be dormant for the cold weather, and that will mean no more free food.

I've started to practice my writing. Maybe I can make better money writing books. I couldn't start with that initially because I needed money fast but now from selling the flowers and such I can eat, and pay my phone bill, so I have time to work on a book without worrying about money right away. First though...practice.

With the money I've made so far I bought a sleeping bag! I can sleep with no issue now, and through the night! Ahh, so much comfier.

Keeping my clothes, a little bit of food, and my toothbrush in my backpack makes it heavy, my back sure gets a work-out! Now I also have a sleeping bag to lug around. As if it isn't obvious i'm homeless. Ugh. Brushing my teeth at the library while I ponder my life.

At least the library is also fun, and I can read books for free! I can't write if I don't read, they kind of go together after all. I have finally started my first book "The untold story of Aladdin".

I have also started up a blog, to blog about my life. My past and current life and random thoughts. It could also end up another way to make some money. And it's just a nice way to get stuff off my chest.

I hate it when I break stuff on community lots...I make sure to fix it asap! Strangely what I need is often lying around.

More bugs to catch and chapters to after day.

I have realized the gym is closer to the library than the pool...and I can also get a shower there.

I can also sleep there...and no matter where you go there will be rude people.

I leave you with this. And an extra scenery picture.

Author's note: I take pictures and make the story around them for the most part, using both what I decide to make happen and what the game does on it's own for the story. I have the moon cycle set to 4 days, which is also a year for me (I give them a custom lifespan to where 4 days is a year, so the 3 day pregnancy makes sense, and they live around 80 years by default). I set the seasons to 10 days each, lasting 2.5 years per season. Also I have a mod that stops payments while writing a book, they only get paid once it's done.

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