Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 3 Dating and falling in love

I paid a visit to Hyun-Moon, man he has a nice house!

He lives with a werewolf. Ghosts, zombies, werewolves...are all real? What's next? Fairies?

Anyway Hyun-Moon is currently a band manager and lives with his fellow band-mates. We chatted more, we've become very good friends over time. He even let me sleep over.

He's very friendly and easy to chat to about pretty much anything. He's handy, artistic, great at playing music and loves to fish. He's also a libra. He loves pop music and the color Lilac. He talks about his music a lot but he also seems genuinely interested in what I have to say as well. I have felt myself falling for him, and I know he has a girlfriend but I can't help it. There is just something about him. I swear I tried to resist but I can't explain the pull.

Or well...I couldn't. Maybe now I can...he's a vampire! He thought I realized that. Seems people here know the supernatural is real from the get-go and i'm still in shock! His skintone and the thing on his neck...I thought it was a tattoo and that his weird skin was the result of how dark Midnight Hollow is. Nope...he's a vampire and he drinks plasma.

It seems his girlfriend, Seema Sielen, has been having a fit over how much time his music takes up but he loves his music. He tries to show her that he cares about her too and spends time with her but it isn't enough for her, she wants him to quit his music and find a passion less time-consuming. If you care about someone shouldn't you support their passion and what makes them happy? It's not like he's ignoring her. So they are currently on the rocks.

Well he's said he's going to break it off with her. He can't take her constant nagging about his music, and about wanting to find a cure for him being a vampire. Why would you want to cure that? Being a vampire sounds awesome! I mean you can actually buy plasma and you don't have to kill people to get the blood you need. Ooh I wish he'd make me a vampire, but I don't want to sound like a crazy person, like a vampire fanatic. He's told me he wants to embrace his new vampire self, apparently he was out of town when someone turned him. They just fled afterwards, not sure why they did it. Maybe it was an accident or they wanted to up vampire numbers, who knows. Anyway...we seem to have gotten a little flirty.

Fairies...really? A fairy in their pajamas at the grocery store. Am I dreaming?!

One thing led to another with Hyun-Moon and...we've been dating. Man is he a good kisser! Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to fall for an older vampire, I know i'm young and probably being rash and silly, but a part of me just doesn't care.

Out watching the stars with my boyfriend, yes we're official and him and Seema are officially done. She hates me now..I seem to have made an enemy. Wonderful. But whatever, i'll make sure to appreciate him with his musical passion and being a vampire. He is really sweet to me too, i'm not sure what her problem was. It's one thing for people to just not click or work out, that happens, but to demand someone stop pursuing their dreams when you claim to love them?

Anyway, i'll stop ranting about her now. We go on dates, we spend time together, we chat and send each other sweet texts. He's very affectionate with me. He's a nice guy, even if he does have fangs.

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