Monday, December 5, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 4 In love with a vampire

I think his bandmates are getting tired of us being..well all over each other.

Our relationship keeps getting hotter! Mmmm

Too bad aliens decided to ruin some of the fun! Seriously...abduct me at a worse time why don'tcha? How rude.

Ugh...I feel sick. I'm sure it's from those stupid aliens, with their abducting and their probing.

Seems his bandmates are getting sick of the vampire in the group getting all the attention and jealousy is rearing it's ugly head, along with the fact when he isn't playing music he's all over me. Ok, I can see why they are annoyed...still not going to stop me though but at least we can keep it out of their faces.

He's thinking maybe he should go solo if they can't work it out. I'm all for whatever happens. If they work it out, great, if not, i'll support him going solo too. Oh I forgot to mention I did finish my first book "The untold story of Aladdin". It's doing alright for a first book. Hyun-Moon is happy for my writing too, I mean he supports me writing like I support his music.

I wonder about our future together. He doesn't care that i'm homeless but it sucks and of course his bandmates refuse to let me live with them, he asked them. I didn't ask him too, he just hates seeing me homeless. I know the fact he's a vampire might cause issues too. I want to become a vampire honestly but I kind of want him to bring up the idea first...and I think we're both scared too. It's a big thing to do.

And can I please stop throwing up already? ugghh.

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