Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 5 An unexpected surprise

I had this strange desire to read the pregnancy books in the library. I decided to get a pregnancy test at the grocery store...i'm pregnant! How in the world am I going to take care of a child, i'm barely getting by myself, and did I mention I don't have a home! Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Since money is a necessary thing i've started work on my second book..."The untold story of Beauty and the Beast". I figured since my first one is doing alright maybe I can continue with the theme.

I'll try to be a good mother little one..i'm not sure how..but i'll try. At first when my clothes didn't fit anymore I had to use some spare clothes at the library, stuff people left there for those in need. I did get my own afterwards though.

Well now that i'm 100% sure i'm pregnant...I have to tell the father.

He seemed quite pleased and happy to be a father.

"I'm sure we can work it all out sweetie. I love you and our little dumpling. We'll figure this out somehow."

Well...apparently finding out he has a baby on the way with the homeless chick in town was the last straw for his band-mates. They kicked him out with nothing...nothing but his cat Budge. They didn't want me, let alone me plus a soon-to-be baby, moving in with they made him choose. Some friends they are. Though I can see how a baby would be annoying in their situation. So anyway, here we are.

Thankfully the library people took pity on us. I hate that, I really do. That we need pity and charity but we are going to work on getting our own place as soon we can. Anyway the library folk got us what we needed...and until we can get on our own feet...we live at the library. They don't have a shower or food but we can afford our own food now and the gym isn't far at all. It's right across the street. He works as a band manager and thanks to what has happened, he's decided to change paths a bit and wants to be a solo rock star. Being in the music industry he already has his foot in the door.

He originally practiced his guitar playing at the park.

His cat seems...aggressive. Budge is a male cat. He is a smart kitty though and quite adventurous. He has been deemed the library cat.

Budge hunts...and sometimes finds things we can sell. He earns his own keep actually with that, since we do have to pay for his food. Budge can often be found hunting prey.

Seems the people that come to the library like Hyun-Moon's he plays nice music for them during the day. He can't go outside during the day for long...vampire and all. He even gets tipped sometimes. looks like it's time for me to finally bring this baby into the world and become a mother...wish me luck!

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