Friday, December 9, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 6 Baby!

Hyun-Moon took me to the hospital to have our baby. It went pretty smoothly, minus, ya know, PAIN. But it was worth it to bring this bundle of joy into the world! Meet our son, Tiger Storm!

It appears he is a vampire like his daddy!

We have a cozy little set up in the library. I'm super grateful for it and all, I just wish we could have our own home, but we do have what we need...thanks to the library people.

I brought up becoming a vampire to Hyun-Moon, and he said he'd love to turn me into a vampire, so we can be together for much longer as vampires have a lot longer lifespan and age much slower, but to save money on plasma fruit right now (it's expensive compared to human food) we decided i'd stay a human for now. I can help provide him with some of the plasma he needs, and man does it feel good though it does make me a bit weakened, so that way we can get our own home sooner, and then he'll turn me. There is something thrilling and sweet with giving him the blood he needs this way, but I know as a human i'll get old and die much sooner than he will, and that's just sad. So I am looking forward to us getting our own home for another reason now too.

I love my little Tiger. He's such a sweet baby, generally. He is my little snugglebug and I will cherish all the snuggles and coos. I'm taking to being a mother better than I thought I would, at least I hope so. I hope i'm a good momma for him. I may not have expected to be a mommy so soon, but I am in love with my son, my little baby. Can he stay this little forever? I know, I know, let me enjoy it while I can. I do wonder what he'll be like as he grows. Also some random person gave him a weird looking doll.

Ok, i'm trying here, but maybe i'm not a great mother. Of course he's always with me but...yeah. Get your hands off my baby! He just played with him a bit, cooing at him..ok then. Breathe out...

Being a mother is harder than I thought.

We got a family greeting picture done!

Of course Hyun-Moon loves our little boy too. He is a wonderful father. When he isn't at work he can often be found playing with the little guy or taking care of him. I love my boys so much, watching them together is so sweet.

The people that come to the library love to play with him too. He gets plenty of attention.

I help clean up the library as people never seem to put back the books. It's the least I can do for them allowing us to stay here like they do.

Turning into a vampire messed up Hyun-Moon's skintone more than it was supposed to it seems. He saw the doctor who told him turning into a vampire wasn't supposed to do that, but it's a simple fix, just 2 minor surgeries to get back where it was. With the vampire-ness still of course. He's had one so far. (Author's note: From looking at Hyun-Moon's wiki it completely changed the slider and where it was at. At first I just changed it to the correct slider but not where it was at because I was worried of how it might look in the story, a drastic change, but heck, it's my game, and it's bugging me, so this is what I go with..)

Our little guy had his first birthday! He is so cute! He has his father's eyes.

Budge, because Budge. Also Hyun-Moon got promoted.

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