Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 7 New home!

Well little Tiger knows his mommy and daddy love each other.

Hyun-Moon found a Unicorn one night! I swear, at this point, i'm either dreaming or everything I thought was real.

Scenic pictures just because

I know i'm supposed to be saving money but can't I have a treat once in awhile? Just once! I was hungry.

A typical day

Hyun-Moon post surgery (Tiger was already on the same slider as Galaxy and fits in just fine)

I went to the exlir shop in town, cut some gems I had found for free, and then sold them for money, looked at my horoscope, and found some more stuff to sell around it.

Hyun-Moon got some new clothes

Either Tiger is aware he's a vampire already (vampire babies don't get their full vampire powers and needs until they are Young Adults) or he's imitating daddy drinking from mommy.

Budge is adorable as always

Hyun-Moon continues to get better at his music

So much so he got promoted again!

With my writing and blogging, Hyun-Moon's music and Budge catching stuff while hunting that we could sell for money, we've finally got our own place! We can't do everything with it that we want to all at once but as we gather up more money it will get better. We have our own home now! Strangely enough...I miss the library. I know it's silly, it's a public library, I can go there anytime I want, but the library had become home so I miss it. However I am excited to start the next chapter in our lives and have our own home as a family.

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