Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 8 Creature of the night

We couldn't afford a computer right away so I still got an excuse to visit the library. Not that one really needs an excuse, they have free books to read! However my story needs to be written, I had to finish my first trashy novel "vampire seduction"....don't judge me. I'm an adult woman, I can write erotica if I please. It was a hit, seems i'm not the only one that sometimes likes a trashy novel!

Budge, no reason needed

Wallpaper and flooring, see we are getting this whole "house" thing down, slowly but surely. The bare walls were irritating.

He finally proposed to me! I know we weren't in a great position before, in the library, but now in our home...he wanted to make it all official, us an official family and take my name, because he understands the whole legacy thing. So he is now Hyun-Moon Storm. We decided to have a private wedding, we only have a couple friends and if we did it outside we'd have to do it at night and we have a small house so..private worked for us.

He then said he wanted me to join him in being a vampire, now that we were on our feet, in our own home and could afford the needed plasma. If I still wanted to of course. I've thought long about it, sure being a vampire has it's draw-backs but it also has it's advantages and I like the night. Yes, I want to be with Hyun-Moon as long as possible, I hope we're together a long time, but I also like the thought of being a vampire. A creature of the night, powerful and fast. So he turned me, though it doesn't happen instantly.

Finally did get a computer, it's more convenient to write at home. No random people bugging me and Tiger is a good tot, happy to play and easy to amuse.

Hyun-Moon is making some good money from playing for tips. Also his ex-girlfriend Seema asked me to write a biography for her...strange, but I said sure. I don't mean her any harm or ill-will so i'll do the best I can for her. Not sure if she doesn't hate me after all or if i'm the only writer available for the job...either way i'll do my best so that's what i'm currently working on now.

Windows! Glorious windows.

Over the couple days my transition to vampirism took...I didn't feel so good.

Since vampire children don't have an issue with sunlight just yet...Hyun-Moon had heard about vampiric sunscreen and decided to figure out how to make it, so he read up on alchemy, eventually going to the elixir shop to actually learn recipes.

After Tiger mastered his xylophone we got him a peg box, and eventually he mastered that too. It was amazing seeing him finally connect the shapes to the right holes, he was so proud of himself. My little dude.

We got a TV. Our home is really small..but it'll have to do for now. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I love having our own home, we and the cat are just always getting in each others way is all.

And finally...

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