Friday, December 23, 2016

Gen 1 Chapter 9 The sun, birthday, and life

Hyun-Moon finally figured out the vampiric sunscreen recipe, or so he thought..

Holiday lights, because why not

Using the vampiric sunscreen..

It didn't work. I had tried it because I don't want to miss out on Tiger growing up at all and it was supposed to work. We think it was faulty materials. So we thought that was that.


Seems that wasn't that after all. The city council heard about vampires having issues with the vampiric sunscreen and had a couple witches in their midst willing to cook up some sunlight rings for us. Now we can go out in the sun! We still have our power at night. We learn quicker, feel more awake, are faster and all that jazz at night, so we still prefer the night but now the sun won't hurt us anymore. So we enjoyed the spring festival!

Sometimes Midnight Hollow goes all red, it's quite pretty. I love living here.

Why does my baby boy have to grow up so fast?! Time for Tiger to become a child! Happy 5th birthday little dude!

His room

Tiger seems to have gotten an imaginary friend, quite weird to see him talking to himself but I suppose it's part of being an only child and having a healthy imagination. (author's note: Only Tiger can see his Imaginary Friend, when anyone else is active he's invisible)

Tiger spends a lot of time working on a chemistry set that he really wanted. Little science guy.

Hyun-Moon is making good money in tips now-adays too.

Tiger has started school!

Tiger seems to get into grumpy moods like me. He does love to draw too. He loves to listen to classical music and the color Black. He hates to go to bed or wake up and likes to test his boundaries, kid stuff.

I finished Seema's Bio, a horror story called "Haunting Season", both of which did good and now i'm working on a mystery called "Stolen Heart". I also work on my painting when I get all stressed out. Hyun-Moon was promoted again.

Abducted yet again..

Tiger has made a friend, Marlana Pham.

And I think I might be pregnant again. Oh I hope I am! We may not have a lot of space yet but we do have steady income now and are working on the house. I'd love another little one and Tiger would get a sibling!

(author's note: mod conflicted with the vampiric sunscreen...wasn't aware. Got another mod and fixed it..sort of. Vampiric sunscreen won't work but they can walk during the day.)

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