Sunday, March 19, 2017

Gen 1 Chapter 10 Growing the family

Still working on expanding the house, it's coming along nicely, now we have more room to walk around, instead of trying to go through, each other!

Family fun at the circus!

Turns out, I was pregnant again! Hyun-Moon is thrilled to have another baby, to expand our family more, as am I. Not sure how Tiger feels about getting a sibling just yet.

Finally got to ask an alien why they keep abducting me. Apparently i'm an "interesting specimen"....i'm not sure if I should be flattered or insulted.

We got some plasma fruit to plant, which will end up saving money. Hyun-Moon looked into how to garden.

Time to pop out this second baby! Meet our second son Wolf Storm!

Tiger seems to be doing well with his new baby brother. He is very into that chemistry station too, my little science boy.

We are still working on the house but have managed to expand it a bit, so Wolf has his own bedroom.

They grow up too fast! Wolf looks a lot like his daddy.


  1. I love this legacy! What a sweet little family. I think Wolf is especially adorable! I've never really played with Supernatural but now you're making me very tempted :P

    1. :D I love the supernatural and haven't played with it in Sims all that much. I aim to change that :)

      And thank you! :D